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mein Leben nach einem Jahr Australien / my life after one year Australia

Tuesday 25-10-05

Hello guys and all my friends, the news of the month: I am still in Erding and looking for a cheap and good flat with 1,5 – 2 bedrooms. The airport-job is pretty good – yeah its just fantastic. I have much fun with my work mates. On friday I have a test, after that I can drive with a car where the airplanes are. But i have to be very careful 😉 Not much news but good news 🙂 CU later



Tuesday 24-05-06

Hello guys, the life in germany is fuckin crazy. thats true!!! I´m not really back home, every time if I tell from my life, so I speak often from my life and adventures in australia. So I think I feel like I´m australian guy. fuck, thats really crazy! last time I have download(ed) the hymn from australia for my mobile. I miss down under and the nice people!! In germany is to much so strong and stight. But, If u meet a lovely girl which u like and want for your life thats to stupid – because u have to go a hard long way to get her heart! no worries, u have to have much time 😉 And I have to be strong! yours olli from his funny life back „home“ !


Thursday 05-07-07

After lots of news, I have to write some down. The first and the best what I got, is a really nice flatmate Marion, and we share a really beautiful 3-bed-room flat together in the 8th floor in Munich/Oberföhring. It´s near the English-garden and near the river Isar. Only max 20 minutes to the Metro to walk, and from there u get to the airport or to the city-center in around 15/20 minutes. After a new job as a truck-driver, I change now back to the airport to the LSG-SkyCefs. If u wanna know what this is for a job, than have a look at the last link down here.

yours olli